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Just like the name implies, 360 Degrees Forward© intends to empower and assist our professional entrepreneurial clients with "Allround Growth that Matters!". From our own or associated resources we will find you the relevant consultant and solution you need to address your unique problem.


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1. Financial Analysis Services
    a. Business/Practice Valuation
    b. Financial Performance Evaluation – seeking the cash/profit “bleeding” reasons
    c. Industry Specific and Peer-based Benchmarking

2. Consulting/Advice Services
    a. Human Resources
    b. Creative Marketing
    c. Sales – Professional Service Related Retail
    d. Legal Issues
    e. Good Corporate Governance

3. Training Services
    a. One day to three day attendance or certificate courses
    b. On-line certificate courses
    c. Some examples:
         i. Financial management – Profit & Inflation Management
        ii. Customer Relations Excellence
       iii. Front-line Personnel Development – Customer Relations or Selling Skills
       iv. Emotional Intelligence in Professional Service Practice

4. IT/Software Services
    a. Web design
    b. Industry/practice specific database programming

5. Workshops
    a. Professional Services Practice Management

    b. Strategic Planning/Facilitation
    c. Stress Management

6. Keynote/Motivational/Business Topic Speaker Services
    a. Strategic Success For Professional Service Providers The Future Economy
    b. Professionalism & Prosperity – Highly Linked or Mutually Exclusive?
    c. Professional Service in the Future? Scenarios: 2015 -2025
    d. Profitability Management in Professional Practice
    e. Professional Service Providers – Leaders Or Labourers In The New Economy
     f. Weird Business: The High Standard Deviation Enterprise
    g. Doctor… Are you a Brandname yet?
    h. How to Avoid Bubble Disease – Pricing in Practice
     i. Leadership Now! – Look in the Mirror
     j. Gross Profit Margin Management – Keeping your finger on the daily pulse of your practice.

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